31 May 2008

Working Girls need breaks too

Mood is.......: headachy
Listening to..: "Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap" (AC/DC)

Well I've figured out a way around my music problem for the time being. I finally remembered that I have an iPod. Dur. So it's helping me to pay attention to art. Granted, it's not always what I should be working on....but you know how that goes.

This one is driving me to distraction. Although I think it'll come out quite neat when it's through.

And to prove that I'm working on commissions. Here. This is my anthro commission. I'm liking it so far. I don't know how much she looks like a fox per se but I think the environment and the lighting will be good regardless.

Another case of my dumb- after having my current tablet for what, 2 years now? I finally programmed the quick keys. Yes I didn't have to suffer needlessly but meh. What's done is done.

I'm cranky cuz I've had a headache most of the day (unusual for me) and I think I'll go play some FF12 now.

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