04 June 2008

Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping...

Mood is.......: PMSy
Listening to..: Roomie chatting w/ mom
Scent is......: Carnal
Watching......: Avatar the Last Airbender: The Fortune Teller

Haven't felt like doing much lately. In RL or in art. Part of it is that "lovely" time of the month and partly is spiraling back down into my head. I hate my head.

These two are twins from the same 'universe' as the cuddlers from the previous post. Gianni and Carina Valentino. Gianni doesn't like you looking at his sister.

Sketch was done in Artrage and colors were done with Artweaver. Learning the program slowly but surely. I wish there was a smudge tool but the program is still in development so that might be forthcoming.

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