30 September 2008

Drama interrupts creativity....

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...film at 11? I dunno. I sometimes write weird titles, although it is true. I had drama at DA, and then drama surrounding getting a job which jerked any progress I've been making to a halt. But I've picked up again and I have goodies to share.

Speaking of DA, I have left it for Paperdemon. PD isn't perfect but I already had the start of a gallery there and it isn't any worse than the rest. Better than sheezy at least. Here are a couple thumbnails to one finished pic and one sketch:


I like that they offer the thumbnails but jeez, could they be any smaller? O_< The sketch I'm rather frustrated with. I don't think it's dynamic enough but I'll figure it out.

Done on Tegaki but not posted. I like the general idea of the character I have here and I think I'll flesh her out. Since about high school, I've been intrigued with the Beauty and the Beast theme in reverse- making the female a hideous monster and the man handsome. When I was IN high school the story was very emo and all about unrequited love. But there might be a nugget of gold in there. I don't want to rely on secondary sex characteristics to define her as female but I hem and haw over lopping off her breasts. I think I'll keep her eyes mostly human since that's usually where people look. But yeah, long ramble on a quick scribble.

Before I even moved to my current state, I have wanted to do a drawn crossover between the McManus brothers of "Boondock Saints" and the Winchester boys of "Supernatural". I just love the thought of them drinking and telling each other wild stories. I picked this up again to sketch where I've added the two papas- which has led to the weird empty space in the corner there. I gotta fix that. Suggestions are welcome btw.

This is actually a slightly older image of my Italian 'Stallone' Gianni. He is being put up for the 3rd round in the Black Tears club and I thought, as an Italian and not a Russian, he wouldn't have the initiation tattoo. So what would he wear? I decided that a diamond worn descretely would work (in Russian prison culture diamonds signify informant/betrayer). I added the four smaller diamonds in the middle to represent his three brothers and father- and to double as a sort of 'cross' design.

What I'm actually working on right now. Commission for my girl, Ruthie of another set of our RP characters, this time in a Robin Hood 'verse. Guy of Gisbourne and Fayth. Originally this was just supposed to be a double portrait but I liked my idea too much to get rid of their lower bodies. I always wanted to contribute to Mel's 'dudes in distress' theme. ;p So while this is sort of reflecting an RP scene, he had more clothes on in it and wasn't on his knees. Heh.

Collage of sketches that may or may never get finished. All mafiya related. I'm particularly fond of the brothers beating up on Gigi in the right corner. Marcelo looks like a steriod freak but I think that works for his character.

Also, I uploaded it to show people I can't draw pronz. Not that you can see it here, but trust me.

So when I ran the 'diamond instead of the regular tat' across to the BT Boss lady, her original thought at hearing tattoo was 'horseshoe on his (Gianni's) ass'. Which cracked me the hell up and now my poor boy is going to wake up with a hangover and a tattoo that makes him look like a My Little Pony.

I am a sick, sick girl. XD

Boy you'd think I had mafiya on the brain eh? Just inking Gigi's family- and fixing Marcelo's weird hair/face descrepancy. This is much better.

That's it for now. I wanna draw Julie and Zeke from my Prodigals universe. Zeke has been chatting at me lately, letting me get to know him better. He's quite a bit more laidback than I originally pictured him. Less knight-in-shining armor but still a good man.

Julie just wants a fashion update. I'm thinking possibly rockabilly meets Stevie Nicks. Must ponder.

Ciao lovies!

12 September 2008

I Suck at Being a Girl

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I do. I suck at drawing girlie things like dresses and stuff. I can do slinky (I like a dress with some slink to it) but I can't do poofy or flourfy. My brain just refuses to cooperate.

As you can see I tried and didn't quite make it. I want her to look steampunk and therefore Victorian but I don't really LIKE Victorian fashion. It's fussy. Alright, men's fashion is nice but the women with their bustles and their stupid poofs. Bah. I like Regency period better.

I like her shoes though.

The sketch really wasn't even supposed to be a dress sketch, it was supposed to be a 'before' and after pic for Vajra's facial scars. I might crop out the dress again. Depends on my mood when I open it back up again.

Also she'd normally have her hair up but I wanted to show how long it is too. I think that's it for me tonight.

08 September 2008

Moving Right Along

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Watching......: infomericals
Finally finished one BIG commission for my girl. I don't like doing D&D commissions in general because they tend to be picky and have overly complicated armor/weapons but luckily that had none of that. It did have six characters and a background however. I think I'm putting a temporary halt on any commissions with more than three characters. I have two more with 6+ in the works already. Bleh.


During another conversation with Uno, we decided that Zeke (the one on the left) and her Diablo would totally chill and hang together. They're both musicians with laidback views on the world. A little bit older of a sketch but I found it today so I thought I'd upload it for kicks.

This was inspired by a picture on DA of a girl with a faux hawk. I know, I know, they're lame but I <3 them regardless. I like the way she styled hers and I wanted to try it on Dala since I love her hawk but I like to play with her hair.

Also used a ref of Nicole Kidman in this kinky bondage!lite leather outfit. Very sexy against her pale skin. I thought I'd flip the colors and do Dala in whites or creams. Actually I'm debating doing this in gray tones with maybe a pop or two or color. But then again I love the idea of Dala's skin tone too. I might try both at that. Assuming I have the time to get this to that stage ever.

Finished inking Lana. The bands on her sleeves are going to be semi-transparent as well but colored. When I figure out what color her outfit is then I'll add those. I do like her tongue and her 'make-up' under her eyes. I totally ripped that from the new Pussycat Dolls' video.

To me they tend to look.....um, sticky? and slutty (I know, duh) but I did like the swipes of color under the main girl's eyes. It would only look good/work on someone with darker skin but I think it was a cool way to do eyeshadow.

Got a fit of Star Wars nostalgia. Just playing around with a few ideas 'borrowed' from my first character's would be path in life/AU frame. Except I set it in Old Republic universe since I <3 the KOTOR games and miss playing them.

Missing two characters (the main two actually XD) because I haven't settled on designs. This'll look interesting colored since the guy on the far left is Zeltron (pink skin!) and the one on the far right is a Twi'lek (Koosha back to his roots ;D). I need to design some sexy markings for him. Hrmm, I'll have to poke at the SW Online trial for some ideas.

Commission for Turbo v. 2.1 at DA. He's a great guy and a really nice/laidback commissioner but I don't know if I'll upload this there when I finish with it. I don't mind the playfulness of the scene since it IS consensual and actually in the confines of a relationship.....but I know the kinds of people who see it as 'hawt lesbian bondage fetish pronz!' and I really don't want to give them more fodder, y'know? I am fond of their faces. Dammit. I'd like to show it off....

Bah. I'll decide later. Or maybe I'll just put it on here or my LJ. Probably my LJ since people actually check that...

Harvey Wallbanger. Yes like the drink. Cuz inside, I'm a giggly 13 y/o fangirl. Or something. I can't design clothes worth shit and from here on out I swear everyone is going to end up naked.

And on that note, good night lovies. <3