16 February 2009

Not Dead

Mood is.......: tiiiiiired
Listening to..: "Bad Girlfriend" Theory of a Deadman

The first was one of those images that sort demanded itself worked on. I'm enjoying it so far. Clover, Goat and Curuba (left to right). The next image was inspired by another artist's idea/artwork. Basically making a mock CD cover for an OC soundtrack. Had a blast narrowing down songs for my girl.

Bed now kthxbai.

10 February 2009

Mafiya Drinking games

Mood is.......: tired
Listening to..: "Missing" Evanesence
Watched Last: "Wall-E"

There are in jokes about My Little Pony, Stallone nicknames and drinking far, far too much but I'm too tired to ramble. Here, have manbutt.