31 July 2008

One. That's it

Mood is.......: listless
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Watching......: The Golden Girls
I can't seem to work on anything recently. I know, blah, blah, blah, same ol' same old. I'm trying to get myself out of my rut by trying something new.

So, pixel art. Not great. It needs umph but I'm not sure how. Also, I appear to have more of a cell-shading than pixel.

28 July 2008

Bleh x2

Mood is.......: frustrated

God I'm getting worse and worse. I can't handle sketch anything at all. These are the only sketches that worked out at all. It's so very frustrating.

Finally watched the rest of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Very good ending all around. Although I do find it weird and kinda squicky to watch a 12/13 make out.....

Prince Zuko. I like the perspective but his right arm bothers the hell out of me. I can't figure it a way to make it look more natural and less...weird looking.

And these two are OC's for the Avatar universe. I've played in it before, so they're probably the kids of a past RP. No names and probably never finished. And nowhere near interesting as far as composition or anything. I do way, way, way too many head on shots. It's pathetic.

This was playing around with Papi's dancer's outfit and inspired by a harem girl doll on DA. I couldn't include the headdress that really inspired me cuz it ended up just looking too girlie. Ah well. And oh, look, another head on shot. >P

26 July 2008


I feel like crap. I haven't been able to get anything together for three of my friends' birthdays (which happen to be consecutive). But I did get one thing worked on today.

Vampire boys. Left to right: Tal, Orion, Wulf, Aramis and Jason. And yes this was uploaded here earlier but I edited it a bit. I do like where this is headed. I just need to figure out what colors to do on the last three shirts and fiddle with the lighting a bit more.

25 July 2008

Inspiration is a bitch...

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Listening to..: "You've Got a Lot to See" (Brain the Dog)
Watching......: "Family Guy" on Cartoon Network
....and so is my muse. >P

Thanks to my net being out for two days, I finally got one of my commissions done in a 'knuckle-down and do it' fashion. Overall, I think it came out rather well.

Then I went over to the Una community to find my exchange by Brie. And for a whole day I was taken by the Una madness again.

For those of you who have been watching my blog, you might recognize the image. I decided to ink and color the family picture from Avocado and Papi's childhood. I think I've gotten their parents' colors well. I dred coloring Mama's dress because she's a dancer and colorful and has lots of doodads. I hate doodads, I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to include them.

Well I've been in a funk most of the day and uninspired until my girl Uneide linked me over to a Ball Joint Doll 'photostory' contest. Now I don't own any BJD and I'm still not entirely sold on them (the fangirls are SCARY and there are no manly sculpts- or not manly enough for me). She suggested I give it a shot with her photos and I said, 'what the hell'.

Okay starter image:

When I see it, I get princess. And so I think, trapped princess:

Not great but not too bad for my first one. I'm not sold on the tear. I may remove it entirely in the end.

The next one was me playing with my 'heroes' and giving them a 'moment'. I think I did much better here- and had to do more editing and cropping. Still I like the effect. I took the sample's very comic book style paneling and ran with it. I like it better than most of the other 'photostories' that are put up at the BJD community.

And that's it for me. My muse is completely on strike. I will drag it back and beat it into submission come hell or high water.

18 July 2008

Still wangsting but at least doing it productively.

Mood is.......: distracted
So. Still not doing too great. Still having issues with my art which accounts for why I've stalled on my commissions. First I tried to do something mindless on tegaki.

Yeah. Not great. Fro some reason I just can't wrap my brain around the controls...and the fact that there is no sensitivity to the pen tip really throws me off. I suck. This was supposed to be Jem (from the 80's cartoon) because I wanted big hair and girlieness.

And now this was my actual favorite from the show. As a kid I didn't watch it much (I think we either didn't get it or I was just slightly too young for its heyday or something). But I DID have a Jem doll (who wasn't the girl above). Anyways! I've always loved blue hair, hence having to draw....Aja? I think.

And this is my last, and best attempt for the day. This was from the urge to draw fluffy tails and dredlocks. Kate and I had an amusing conversation about him. Bohov might not end up being his name. Hell, it was supposed to be a portrait of my muse....who decided to be a butthead and refused to cooperate. Not really surprising. But at least I got pretty dreds and fluffy tails out of the bargain. I think I'll have to draw him again in fact.

Also, Kate, if you're reading this: UPDATE YOUR SKETCHBLOG WOMAN!

Thank you and g'night.

17 July 2008


Mood is.......: stupid
Listening to..: the toilet running in the bathroom
Watching......: Family Guy

This post brought to you by wangst. And Megatokyo.
Yup, I got nuthin'.

12 July 2008

Moving Right Along....

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Watching......: CSI: Miami
Got more things to share. I recently booted up my laptop again to pull off the various psd's I'd started up on it. I hope to work on them more now that I'm not worried that my laptop will turn itself off randomly (it's old, it needs to go).

This is from said laptop, and from when Ruthie and I were playing around with a new version of She-Ra (basically, a new generation, new takes on old villains, etc). These are two of said villains- Double Trouble on the left and Catra on the right. It was a fun scenario....it would be a lot of fun to do it as a webcomic or something. (Yeah right, dream big...)

This is for the Unavisi trade going on at the moment. I got Ren this time around and she asked for her bad girl, Oryx. Oryx has a crush on my boy, Nummy (or Numbat). Normally she is quite abusive to him...kinda like how you abuse your crush when you're a kid (except with probably more bruises). I wanted to do something a little more elaborate...but I promised myself I wouldn't let it get out of hand this time. I need to work on my commissions so I'm doing something simple, if not as humorous as I'd like.

And this....is from one of the most awesome comics ever. Bone. Playing with the painting features of Artrage again. Bartleby the stupid rat creature. He's adorable and I love him to itty bitty bits. I think I'll try the Great Red Dragon tomorrow.

09 July 2008

More ideas

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Finished the ButterxAce commission and put it up at DA:

by ~pariahsdream on deviantART

I've been trying to work on my commissions- including the ones that have been stalled a long, long, LONG time. This is the first one, which I own to the former roomie. It's one of his many D&D characters, a knife thrower:

I'm still having issues with his positioning. And his bloody axes. I swear, I'd pimp myself out to the WoW sect if I didn't HATE drawing armor and weapons so damn much.

Next is one I've own to one Mel (I know several) for a long ass time. We lost track of the first one that she commissioned a billion years ago and I kinda let it get shoved back. Well I got him by inspiration and decided to sketch it out.

That's her girl Minx on the left and Sabertooth/Victor Creed of X-Men fame on the right. Or will be. This is probably the quickest way I sketch- just trying to capture the flow of the scene and the characters. I'll fight with the feet especially later. I'm looking for an explosion in the background and backlighting. Yeah. We'll see how it goes.

And here's an oooold face. Got talking to Mel Dos (who I knew first and therefore that should be switched but I don't give a shit atm), about...random ass things. Including Zeke here being a bit of a free love hippie flower child type. I know that really didn't come across in the sketch but it pleases me I haven't totally forgotten his face since I haven't drawn him in forever. Hell, I might even color this.....someday. >>

Nite lovies.

08 July 2008

Getting Back on the Horse Sounds Better than Getting Back on the Pen, which sounds vaguely dirty.

Mood is.......: lonely
Watching......: Mars Attacks!
Well it's been one of those days. Granted, it's at least been productive. Nothing like having nothing to do and nowhere to go to make you turn to art. Still coming out of my art rut slowly but surely. At least I accomplished some stuff.

This is the finished version of one of my commissions that I'm waiting to get the okay on (and the final payment). I'm fairly proud of it, I think I did a good job on the pose and the atmosphere if I do say so myself.

This is one I've shown earlier, of Cumber and Musk. Frankly, I hate the coloring and might ditch it altogether and start new again. Bleh.

This one is for Ruthie girl. Tis our vampire boys acting like the boys they are. From left to right:
Taliesin, Orion, Beowulf, Aramis, and Jason (and yes, there is a theme with their names if you caught that).

They're ridiculously fun to play off each other because they aren't perfect. They piss each other off, fight, have stupid arguments and purposely annoy one another. Y'know, like real guys do. I rather like Jason's pose (the one on the far right).

These next two are from my little mini crying jag this afternoon.

This is both me playing with Artrage's brushes and such and trying to get a little less structured. I don't know how well I did and I'm not sure I expressed what I was going for really but I like the colors. And I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone which is always good.

This is Tyger, one of my Unavisi. A really quick, quick portrait trying to use the style above with a little more precision. Not great but not the worst thing ever.

And lastly, my next commission. Butters and Ace, who are also Unas. Getting back into the swing of things there. I have an exchange for the group that I just got my person for and I'm very excited. I definitely have some ideas, I just have to refrain from going overboard.

Ciao lovies.

06 July 2008

It's viral

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Convinced Ruthie to get her own sketchblog and even poked her into a random sketch. Have been prompted into a few things myself too.

Ruthie is buying a couple of commissions from Ren52 (would that I could myself!) and they're of two of our couples. Frankie hasn't had a new ref in quite a while, so I whipped one up quickly. It's not great by any means and I had way too much trouble with the proportions but it's done now.

At DA.
Frankie is one of my faves, especially since she's rather no nonsense with her bullheaded mate.

Locked In
by ~pariahsdream on deviantART

Finally finished the man prons, although you're getting the DA sanitized version with extra shorts. Honestly, there's no genital underneath but net nannies and all will get this pulled down. I think it turned out fairly well and yet I'm unsatisfied. Ah well, guess that simply means I'll have to try something new.

More Ruthie colored line-arts, this one in progress. Skinwalker characters, Ben and Nori.

And lastly, to prove that I AM working on my commissions:

Not much difference, but see, you can see books now! Or that's what they're supposed to be....

Ciao lovies!

01 July 2008

Hello Again

Mood is.......: thoughtful
Listening to..: "Slow Motion" Nickelback (Punisher Soundtrack)
Well I moved which is what really took this blog out of commission for a while there. And then my art's been in crapper lately. It's true. I can't seem to wrap my brain around drawing again...although I *might* be getting my mojo back.

(Actually I HAVE to because it's the only $$ I'm making) But you're not here for the whining, you're here for the arts.

Finally finished this commission, of the City of Heroes characters. I rather enjoyed the set up but it took so damn long. I probably could've worked in more shadows and such but I needed to get it DONE and out. In the end, I don't think it suffers from it at least.

Second of my commissions that's had any real progress. It's looking...fairly good. I think the lighting will really make it stand out in the end. However....I am dreading, completely and utterly, the bookcase I decided to put in the background there. And it's not like I can change it to something else (that would look very odd with the pose and the ladder).

Not bad for not drawing anthros basically ever.

This is actually lineart by Silvercat, of our skinwalker characters, Darius and Shar. I like the cat-like shine I gave to his eyes there. :) Coloring her lineart relaxes me.

And lastly, Final Fantasy 12 fan characters. Yes, go ahead and laugh, I won't stop you but I'm past the point of caring. ;p The redhead on the left belongs to Blitterbug and the dark haired lady on the right is mine. At least Vix can keep her dignity by knowing that her OC isn't earmarked for an ingame character. ;p

But that's all I have at the moment. I signed up for an exchange in the Unavisi comm and I have bottle art I'm doing for Mythos Mixtures (although it's not 'due' soon thankfully).

Ciao lovies.