18 July 2008

Still wangsting but at least doing it productively.

Mood is.......: distracted
So. Still not doing too great. Still having issues with my art which accounts for why I've stalled on my commissions. First I tried to do something mindless on tegaki.

Yeah. Not great. Fro some reason I just can't wrap my brain around the controls...and the fact that there is no sensitivity to the pen tip really throws me off. I suck. This was supposed to be Jem (from the 80's cartoon) because I wanted big hair and girlieness.

And now this was my actual favorite from the show. As a kid I didn't watch it much (I think we either didn't get it or I was just slightly too young for its heyday or something). But I DID have a Jem doll (who wasn't the girl above). Anyways! I've always loved blue hair, hence having to draw....Aja? I think.

And this is my last, and best attempt for the day. This was from the urge to draw fluffy tails and dredlocks. Kate and I had an amusing conversation about him. Bohov might not end up being his name. Hell, it was supposed to be a portrait of my muse....who decided to be a butthead and refused to cooperate. Not really surprising. But at least I got pretty dreds and fluffy tails out of the bargain. I think I'll have to draw him again in fact.

Also, Kate, if you're reading this: UPDATE YOUR SKETCHBLOG WOMAN!

Thank you and g'night.

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Kate said...

*flail* OKAY, FINE! XP