12 July 2008

Moving Right Along....

Mood is.......: distracted
Listening to..: some commerical
Watching......: CSI: Miami
Got more things to share. I recently booted up my laptop again to pull off the various psd's I'd started up on it. I hope to work on them more now that I'm not worried that my laptop will turn itself off randomly (it's old, it needs to go).

This is from said laptop, and from when Ruthie and I were playing around with a new version of She-Ra (basically, a new generation, new takes on old villains, etc). These are two of said villains- Double Trouble on the left and Catra on the right. It was a fun scenario....it would be a lot of fun to do it as a webcomic or something. (Yeah right, dream big...)

This is for the Unavisi trade going on at the moment. I got Ren this time around and she asked for her bad girl, Oryx. Oryx has a crush on my boy, Nummy (or Numbat). Normally she is quite abusive to him...kinda like how you abuse your crush when you're a kid (except with probably more bruises). I wanted to do something a little more elaborate...but I promised myself I wouldn't let it get out of hand this time. I need to work on my commissions so I'm doing something simple, if not as humorous as I'd like.

And this....is from one of the most awesome comics ever. Bone. Playing with the painting features of Artrage again. Bartleby the stupid rat creature. He's adorable and I love him to itty bitty bits. I think I'll try the Great Red Dragon tomorrow.

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