06 July 2008

It's viral

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Convinced Ruthie to get her own sketchblog and even poked her into a random sketch. Have been prompted into a few things myself too.

Ruthie is buying a couple of commissions from Ren52 (would that I could myself!) and they're of two of our couples. Frankie hasn't had a new ref in quite a while, so I whipped one up quickly. It's not great by any means and I had way too much trouble with the proportions but it's done now.

At DA.
Frankie is one of my faves, especially since she's rather no nonsense with her bullheaded mate.

Locked In
by ~pariahsdream on deviantART

Finally finished the man prons, although you're getting the DA sanitized version with extra shorts. Honestly, there's no genital underneath but net nannies and all will get this pulled down. I think it turned out fairly well and yet I'm unsatisfied. Ah well, guess that simply means I'll have to try something new.

More Ruthie colored line-arts, this one in progress. Skinwalker characters, Ben and Nori.

And lastly, to prove that I AM working on my commissions:

Not much difference, but see, you can see books now! Or that's what they're supposed to be....

Ciao lovies!

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