09 July 2008

More ideas

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Watching......: American's Castles on A&E (because there isn't jackshit on at 3 in the morning)
Finished the ButterxAce commission and put it up at DA:

by ~pariahsdream on deviantART

I've been trying to work on my commissions- including the ones that have been stalled a long, long, LONG time. This is the first one, which I own to the former roomie. It's one of his many D&D characters, a knife thrower:

I'm still having issues with his positioning. And his bloody axes. I swear, I'd pimp myself out to the WoW sect if I didn't HATE drawing armor and weapons so damn much.

Next is one I've own to one Mel (I know several) for a long ass time. We lost track of the first one that she commissioned a billion years ago and I kinda let it get shoved back. Well I got him by inspiration and decided to sketch it out.

That's her girl Minx on the left and Sabertooth/Victor Creed of X-Men fame on the right. Or will be. This is probably the quickest way I sketch- just trying to capture the flow of the scene and the characters. I'll fight with the feet especially later. I'm looking for an explosion in the background and backlighting. Yeah. We'll see how it goes.

And here's an oooold face. Got talking to Mel Dos (who I knew first and therefore that should be switched but I don't give a shit atm), about...random ass things. Including Zeke here being a bit of a free love hippie flower child type. I know that really didn't come across in the sketch but it pleases me I haven't totally forgotten his face since I haven't drawn him in forever. Hell, I might even color this.....someday. >>

Nite lovies.

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