26 April 2009

Collab: Arzeno

Mood is.......: rushed
Listening to..: something on the parents' tv
Watching......: nada
Wanted to toss this up here for now. I'm liking the coloring but while I want more depth I think it'll fight with the inks. Oh well.

Rogue FTW.

24 April 2009

Back in the Commission Saddle

Mood is.......: determined
Listening to..: the tv
Watching......: "Dangerous When Wet"
I am working even if it doesn't seem like it. It's probably easier to catch me at my Justin.tv feed than waiting for me to update here sooner or later.

First two are portrait commissions from bleupencil and psamophis for my eye fund. Sala for bleu and Lince for psamophis respectively. I'm having trouble concentrating to see proper inking so for now it's easier for me to sketch.

The next two are for Uno, of the five I'm doing for her. Alex is the beautiful black girl (who I think still looks a tad too ghetto) and actually belongs to dixey. Next is Uno's Priestess and my girl Lana.
Priestess expects you to eat at her house.
Lana doesn't take well to rules or expectations.
This will be a long standoff. ;P
Next pair are for me- Uno challenged us to do a gender swap and I've been curious to try it out for a while. I am annoyed that I didn't realize girl!Zeke was out of proportion with the rest until later. And Tae in a cowboy hat. Lucky's hat actually. ;)

Lastly on the left is a portrait I commissioned from KeroseneKate of my boy Musk and then attacked with colors.
And that's what I have currently. I'm working as I can but artblock is a bitch. >P