27 October 2008


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Wow, I totally don't know where this came from. Okay, so I do a little bit. I was in bed last night and I was toying with the idea of what my prodigals kids would dress up in come Halloween. I have never drawn a Halloween theme pic of my kids before so this kinda took on a life of its own.

Left to right:
Lana as sexy/bad cop, Zeke as a Musketeer, Tae as a domme (old pic that I finally have some use for! <3) and Luce as Bruce Lee from "Game of Death". Complete with gigantic Kareem Abdul-Jabbar footprint.

I am also working on a "V for Vendetta" piece for Nov 5 but I'm too buggered to upload that atm. I actually like my background so far oddly enough.
Ciao loves.

26 October 2008

No braining tonight

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Yeah cuz I think it's leaking out of my ears. I can't even hardly half-ass a background. The only one that even works a little is the collab I did with Kate. That link leads to her lineart, which I had to attack upon first laying eyes upon it. Lovelovelove. That and Jorie rocks my socks.

Next up was just a random desire to ink an old sketch of my Una girl, Buck with her boy Col. I uploaded the sketch a while ago, so you can look for it if you're curious. Fear my gradient background skillz. Bah.

This is actually the first finished picture I've drawn of Buck.

And finally this may look finished but it's not. It's 90% there. I just really want a background. I just have no bloody CLUE what to put in it.
Also, Meg's hair is still pissing me off.

So that's it for tonight lovies. <3

23 October 2008

Commissions and other things

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Watching......: Venture Brothers credits

New commission for my girl Ruthie. She gave me completely free reign on this one so I choose Spencer and Ariel from our Skinwalkers RP. In our 'verse, skinwalkers were in a nutshell werecats. Hence the chin-scritches. ;) I thought it was a cute image anyways.

And my next BIG commission for K@. Bane and her family. It's going slow but steady and I haven't had to fight anyone too much so far. I hope everyone's getting enough "screen time", since she is paying me for it. >>;
I also dig Bane's top but that's just me. It was HARD drawing Ace (right foreground) from that angle but I think it came out alright so far.

My girl Elena who I've always thought would make a lovely film noir dame. Somewhere between a femme fatale and a damsel in distress. Was inspired by a special I saw on TCM on ganster movies and them reminding me of the fact that Humphrey Bogart was awesome. Gangster and noirs aren't exactly the same thing but they overlap and it got me in the mood.
I like the completely tonal one a smidge better but the one with the pops of colors isn't too. Although I definitely think it has a kind of Turner colorization feel to it which is why I don't like it more.

I'll upload them both to paperdemon when I get my commissions a little more worked on.
Ciao lovies.

17 October 2008

Slowing Down Again

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Not much going on. Haven't drawn anything or worked on anything lately. It sucks and I feel badly because I have commissions waiting.

Just two today:

Playing around with colors for Jules and Zeke. I didn't have to change much from the last time I colored them (yikes, almost two years ago), just took down the saturation a bit. Julie's hair needs a bit of work but I'm not sure how yet. I love her boots.

Just something I sketched tonight on a whim:

Black Canary and Green Arrow from DC comics, with some "Smallville" flair. I don't like Smallville but I still glance at it, 1) because it's on before Supernatural, and 2) I have a lasting fondness of these two's relationship dynamics and want to see if they'll bring her around again. I giggled like a silly girl when I saw them on JLA Unlimited too.
That's all for tonight kiddies. <3

12 October 2008

Mafiya, Old Fairy Tales and fanart because I'm a scatterbrain like that

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I'll try to do this is some sort of order. I'm not feeling particularly creative or interesting at the moment so I don't know how enthused I'll be.

More of my Italian Gianni. First him with his momma:

He was a chubby little cherub as a kid. Actually he remained chubby until he hit puberty and discovered weights.

Just playing around with the idea of giving him a happy life and expression. It's hard making Gigi look happy and still himself. Guess that's pretty telling both about my abilities and his personality. My poor dog is made of fail. He's supposed to be a boxer but, yeah.

Finally got around to designing Serro's back tattoo and it's the only thing I'm very, very pleased about lately. I wish you could see it larger but I don't want people using it without permission. If you're really curious, poke me and I'll probably share.

Lately I've been thinking about my characters and my creativity and I've realized that I don't have much of my own. I haven't created anything that's solely mine in years. Since high school and that's sad. I keep using other people and their ideas as crutches and I feel so small and useless as an artist when I think about it.

This is Izzy. I don't know what I'm going to do with her, and doesn't quite look enough like her, but I like her soft body. She's not perfect, in fact she's kind of plain.

Now this is the idea I'm thinking of necro-ing back into something. I doubt I'll get anywhere with it because it didn't go anywhere the first time and I have a bad track record with ideas. After all, if I don't have someone to fall back on, I'm a mess.

Left to Right:

I had a thought to do a different spin on fairy tales right about the time I was in high school/ my first year of art school. It had some interesting characters, like the one above, my 'hero' Lily. She's supposed to be the 'princess' motif and I wanted to turn that on its head. The drawing on the left is at least 2 years old, probably older, since it says 06 in my comp but I don't think I was working on it by then, I'd say this was 04 or 05.

Right is my new take. I have something against blondes- I have trouble finding them interesting so I decided in order to make myself more interested in Lily to darken her hair. Dunno if it'll work but I like I can see a difference in the drawing skill at least. I also decided that I really don't like drawing fantasy. I don't. I hate armor and costumes and I want to return to modern stuff (not that that doesn't have problems too). And I like modern paranormal/fantasy stuff so I thought I'd give a shot at pulling the characters and their motifs into a modern setting. Or something. I doubt it'll happen but if I wasn't dreaming of being something, I'd really be nothing at all.

Seeing if I can sketch Lily more than once. And decided to stick in her best friend/'knight' motif in there with her, Salyir. I've drawn him since I gave up the project but I don't like that experiment much.

Nor am I fond of this:

See, I like him with long hair but I'm not going to turn him into freakin' Fabio or a bishie boy if I can help it. If it was in his character/makeup, I'd probably give him stubble/beard something manly. Bah. I'll do it to another character.

Started this sketch a while ago. Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender fame. For some reason my Zuko looks an awful lot like Bruce Lee (not that that's totally a bad thing, Bruce was a cutie for certain). And I can't decide between the two 'fires' (yes they will be fires once I get to fleshing them out). The one on the left has some neat colors, I've always liked blue and it provides some contrast/focal point...but then the one on the right has color harmony. And according to his skill level in the show, he doesn't do blue fire anyways. I guess I'll figure it out later. Or just make two versions so I don't have to decide.

That's all for now kids.

07 October 2008


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Just two. Nothing really interesting to look at.

Avocado, Papi and their doomed parents. Dunno if I'll keep the green streaks in Momma's hair.

Finally finished drawing the stupid potter's wheel....except I think it's too short. Figures. I do like the texture I gave it to make it look like its stone though.

02 October 2008

Two Down, One Up

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Two finished and uploaded to PD:

The_Outlaw_and_the_Minion_by_pariahsdream And_All_that_Jazz_by_pariahsdream

I'm pretty pleased with the Lana one. And hey look, one person in a picture and NO background! I have briefly overcome my OCD need to fill the space!

Which isn't going to last but oh well.

Valentino boys (and girl). Probably will make the 'bad' boys in this darker than the twins. That's it for tonight lovies. Ciao!

01 October 2008

Step in Line plz

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Like I said in the previous post, Zeke and Julie wanted attention. And I hate them for it. Because they didn't want just a simple portrait or pinup. Oh no. Not them. No they wanted something out of a fashion magazine. Bitches.

Not that I really hate them. I will, make no mistake. As cool as I think this could look, there is my mortal enemy involved- DETAILS. As you can see the rockabilly vibe totally got tossed away. She's still got that Stevie Nicks thing but with a touch of steampunk I think. Add a key to her necklace dumbdumb.

I <3 her boots. And I hate her dress folds. I just don't get them so I'll fake it and hope no one notices.

Apis pointed out that my girl Carina looked either like Sophia Loren or Raquel Welch (I get them confused) and I looked up some images of both. I think she leans more towards the Raquel Welsh vibe but both of them have that exotic and babalicious quality that I wanted for her. So when I looked at her family portrait I decided to try with her hair down and used a ref for the curls/waves. It's less in character for her than the updo but more in character for what she'd be told to do by her Papi.

Not much but I need sleep now. <3