12 October 2008

Mafiya, Old Fairy Tales and fanart because I'm a scatterbrain like that

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I'll try to do this is some sort of order. I'm not feeling particularly creative or interesting at the moment so I don't know how enthused I'll be.

More of my Italian Gianni. First him with his momma:

He was a chubby little cherub as a kid. Actually he remained chubby until he hit puberty and discovered weights.

Just playing around with the idea of giving him a happy life and expression. It's hard making Gigi look happy and still himself. Guess that's pretty telling both about my abilities and his personality. My poor dog is made of fail. He's supposed to be a boxer but, yeah.

Finally got around to designing Serro's back tattoo and it's the only thing I'm very, very pleased about lately. I wish you could see it larger but I don't want people using it without permission. If you're really curious, poke me and I'll probably share.

Lately I've been thinking about my characters and my creativity and I've realized that I don't have much of my own. I haven't created anything that's solely mine in years. Since high school and that's sad. I keep using other people and their ideas as crutches and I feel so small and useless as an artist when I think about it.

This is Izzy. I don't know what I'm going to do with her, and doesn't quite look enough like her, but I like her soft body. She's not perfect, in fact she's kind of plain.

Now this is the idea I'm thinking of necro-ing back into something. I doubt I'll get anywhere with it because it didn't go anywhere the first time and I have a bad track record with ideas. After all, if I don't have someone to fall back on, I'm a mess.

Left to Right:

I had a thought to do a different spin on fairy tales right about the time I was in high school/ my first year of art school. It had some interesting characters, like the one above, my 'hero' Lily. She's supposed to be the 'princess' motif and I wanted to turn that on its head. The drawing on the left is at least 2 years old, probably older, since it says 06 in my comp but I don't think I was working on it by then, I'd say this was 04 or 05.

Right is my new take. I have something against blondes- I have trouble finding them interesting so I decided in order to make myself more interested in Lily to darken her hair. Dunno if it'll work but I like I can see a difference in the drawing skill at least. I also decided that I really don't like drawing fantasy. I don't. I hate armor and costumes and I want to return to modern stuff (not that that doesn't have problems too). And I like modern paranormal/fantasy stuff so I thought I'd give a shot at pulling the characters and their motifs into a modern setting. Or something. I doubt it'll happen but if I wasn't dreaming of being something, I'd really be nothing at all.

Seeing if I can sketch Lily more than once. And decided to stick in her best friend/'knight' motif in there with her, Salyir. I've drawn him since I gave up the project but I don't like that experiment much.

Nor am I fond of this:

See, I like him with long hair but I'm not going to turn him into freakin' Fabio or a bishie boy if I can help it. If it was in his character/makeup, I'd probably give him stubble/beard something manly. Bah. I'll do it to another character.

Started this sketch a while ago. Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender fame. For some reason my Zuko looks an awful lot like Bruce Lee (not that that's totally a bad thing, Bruce was a cutie for certain). And I can't decide between the two 'fires' (yes they will be fires once I get to fleshing them out). The one on the left has some neat colors, I've always liked blue and it provides some contrast/focal point...but then the one on the right has color harmony. And according to his skill level in the show, he doesn't do blue fire anyways. I guess I'll figure it out later. Or just make two versions so I don't have to decide.

That's all for now kids.


Kate said...

Wow, tattoo WIN. Also, I could totally tell that was a boxer dog before I saw your descrip!

Kate said...

Cheers and applause for the reappearance of Lily and Salyir! I love the idea of pulling them into a new setting.

Izzy is gorgeous. I want to give her a big hug. Whatever her pain is, it's haunting.


L. Mynatt said...

I am amused to see my two Kates one right after the other. XD

Kate: Thank you very much. I haven't freehand drawn a lot of tattoos and that is by far my favorite.

Yeah, I don't know if the idea will go anywhere but the less armor I have to draw the better. ;p

I actually went back to the Izzy sketch and gave it a splash of color. I'll probably update my paperdemon with it soon.