01 October 2008

Step in Line plz

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Like I said in the previous post, Zeke and Julie wanted attention. And I hate them for it. Because they didn't want just a simple portrait or pinup. Oh no. Not them. No they wanted something out of a fashion magazine. Bitches.

Not that I really hate them. I will, make no mistake. As cool as I think this could look, there is my mortal enemy involved- DETAILS. As you can see the rockabilly vibe totally got tossed away. She's still got that Stevie Nicks thing but with a touch of steampunk I think. Add a key to her necklace dumbdumb.

I <3 her boots. And I hate her dress folds. I just don't get them so I'll fake it and hope no one notices.

Apis pointed out that my girl Carina looked either like Sophia Loren or Raquel Welch (I get them confused) and I looked up some images of both. I think she leans more towards the Raquel Welsh vibe but both of them have that exotic and babalicious quality that I wanted for her. So when I looked at her family portrait I decided to try with her hair down and used a ref for the curls/waves. It's less in character for her than the updo but more in character for what she'd be told to do by her Papi.

Not much but I need sleep now. <3


Ruth(ie) said...

You know Zeke is one of my biggest weaknesses out of your chars, and that pic of him and Julie is just HOT!! What I wouldn't give to be able to do stuff like you're doing now...srsly. Always love looking at your sketches and wips.


L. Mynatt said...

Thanks hon. I'm digging the picture myself even if it's gonna drive me crazy to finish it. <3