17 October 2008

Slowing Down Again

Mood is.......: blank
Watching......: Golden Girls
Not much going on. Haven't drawn anything or worked on anything lately. It sucks and I feel badly because I have commissions waiting.

Just two today:

Playing around with colors for Jules and Zeke. I didn't have to change much from the last time I colored them (yikes, almost two years ago), just took down the saturation a bit. Julie's hair needs a bit of work but I'm not sure how yet. I love her boots.

Just something I sketched tonight on a whim:

Black Canary and Green Arrow from DC comics, with some "Smallville" flair. I don't like Smallville but I still glance at it, 1) because it's on before Supernatural, and 2) I have a lasting fondness of these two's relationship dynamics and want to see if they'll bring her around again. I giggled like a silly girl when I saw them on JLA Unlimited too.
That's all for tonight kiddies. <3

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