23 October 2008

Commissions and other things

Mood is.......: productive
Listening to..: "Put the Blame on Mame" (Rita Hayworth)
Watching......: Venture Brothers credits

New commission for my girl Ruthie. She gave me completely free reign on this one so I choose Spencer and Ariel from our Skinwalkers RP. In our 'verse, skinwalkers were in a nutshell werecats. Hence the chin-scritches. ;) I thought it was a cute image anyways.

And my next BIG commission for K@. Bane and her family. It's going slow but steady and I haven't had to fight anyone too much so far. I hope everyone's getting enough "screen time", since she is paying me for it. >>;
I also dig Bane's top but that's just me. It was HARD drawing Ace (right foreground) from that angle but I think it came out alright so far.

My girl Elena who I've always thought would make a lovely film noir dame. Somewhere between a femme fatale and a damsel in distress. Was inspired by a special I saw on TCM on ganster movies and them reminding me of the fact that Humphrey Bogart was awesome. Gangster and noirs aren't exactly the same thing but they overlap and it got me in the mood.
I like the completely tonal one a smidge better but the one with the pops of colors isn't too. Although I definitely think it has a kind of Turner colorization feel to it which is why I don't like it more.

I'll upload them both to paperdemon when I get my commissions a little more worked on.
Ciao lovies.

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