27 October 2008


Mood is.......: @_@
Listening to..: Coldplay something or other
Watching......: VH1 videos
Wow, I totally don't know where this came from. Okay, so I do a little bit. I was in bed last night and I was toying with the idea of what my prodigals kids would dress up in come Halloween. I have never drawn a Halloween theme pic of my kids before so this kinda took on a life of its own.

Left to right:
Lana as sexy/bad cop, Zeke as a Musketeer, Tae as a domme (old pic that I finally have some use for! <3) and Luce as Bruce Lee from "Game of Death". Complete with gigantic Kareem Abdul-Jabbar footprint.

I am also working on a "V for Vendetta" piece for Nov 5 but I'm too buggered to upload that atm. I actually like my background so far oddly enough.
Ciao loves.


undergrounduno said...

Sergio's influence pays off on his son's birthday, woot! I love it so far... what I can see of it. I think my web browser doesn't want me to make it bigger D:

L. Mynatt said...

I fixed the broken link. It got hung up with some text, the dumb thing. <3