31 May 2009


Mood is.......: indescribable
Listening to..: "Benjamin Button" on the tv in the living room
As I have been wanting to consolidate my space on the internet, I am closing this blog. If you'd still like to see my art, I will be posting it here. Rules still apply.

Thanks to all of you who did follow this venture for as long as it went.

15 May 2009

Work doodles

Mood is.......: going to throttle my cat
Listening to..: commericals
Watching......: "The Golden Girls"
Just a quick set of doodles I did at work with some color tossed on top.
Yes, Cari did go to a private Catholic school.
No, she only wears her old uniform on special request by a certain chef. ;)

Here, have some Rogue/Gambit smooshiness. Does anyone remember when Rogue flirted back with him? That she was actually a pretty big flirt before he got in the X-Men?

Don't get me wrong, the goth!Rogue thing was interesting....but the girl was sassy. Not full of emo all the time.

Bleh. May finish it, may not.

Kinda like the skin tones though.

13 May 2009


Mood is.......: thoughtful
Listening to..: fan blowing
Watching......: gonna start on Supernatural again <3>
I have been even if I've been a slow ho about it. I'm slowly but surely working my way through my commissions, even though of you who claim you don't need anything, tough.

Baby here didn't get all perspective-y like I wanted but I was having too many issues to continue fiddling. Perspective will have to happen another time I fear.

I do like my rain and my XXX sign so far. And my alien lamp post.