31 May 2009


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As I have been wanting to consolidate my space on the internet, I am closing this blog. If you'd still like to see my art, I will be posting it here. Rules still apply.

Thanks to all of you who did follow this venture for as long as it went.

15 May 2009

Work doodles

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Just a quick set of doodles I did at work with some color tossed on top.
Yes, Cari did go to a private Catholic school.
No, she only wears her old uniform on special request by a certain chef. ;)

Here, have some Rogue/Gambit smooshiness. Does anyone remember when Rogue flirted back with him? That she was actually a pretty big flirt before he got in the X-Men?

Don't get me wrong, the goth!Rogue thing was interesting....but the girl was sassy. Not full of emo all the time.

Bleh. May finish it, may not.

Kinda like the skin tones though.

13 May 2009


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I have been even if I've been a slow ho about it. I'm slowly but surely working my way through my commissions, even though of you who claim you don't need anything, tough.

Baby here didn't get all perspective-y like I wanted but I was having too many issues to continue fiddling. Perspective will have to happen another time I fear.

I do like my rain and my XXX sign so far. And my alien lamp post.

26 April 2009

Collab: Arzeno

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Wanted to toss this up here for now. I'm liking the coloring but while I want more depth I think it'll fight with the inks. Oh well.

Rogue FTW.

24 April 2009

Back in the Commission Saddle

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I am working even if it doesn't seem like it. It's probably easier to catch me at my Justin.tv feed than waiting for me to update here sooner or later.

First two are portrait commissions from bleupencil and psamophis for my eye fund. Sala for bleu and Lince for psamophis respectively. I'm having trouble concentrating to see proper inking so for now it's easier for me to sketch.

The next two are for Uno, of the five I'm doing for her. Alex is the beautiful black girl (who I think still looks a tad too ghetto) and actually belongs to dixey. Next is Uno's Priestess and my girl Lana.
Priestess expects you to eat at her house.
Lana doesn't take well to rules or expectations.
This will be a long standoff. ;P
Next pair are for me- Uno challenged us to do a gender swap and I've been curious to try it out for a while. I am annoyed that I didn't realize girl!Zeke was out of proportion with the rest until later. And Tae in a cowboy hat. Lucky's hat actually. ;)

Lastly on the left is a portrait I commissioned from KeroseneKate of my boy Musk and then attacked with colors.
And that's what I have currently. I'm working as I can but artblock is a bitch. >P

19 March 2009

Few more

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Trying to get back into the swing of things and posting up sketches. I've been working a bit, here and there. This one I did tonight in a little bit over an hour. Actually I did it over here at Justin.tv. It's been fun watching other people doodle and stuff.

Gianni in a meme/expression sheet type thing. It was translated from...Chinese I think so it's as close as I could get. I think I did alright but I wish the original page had been larger. It's really hard to do detail with a 1 pixel brush.

Actually the next couple I worked on while people could watch me.

And this one you've seen before but hey, why not show it off too. More precise inking- though this isn't really inking but cleaning up rough sketches. I kinda like doing that sometimes. :3

Will definitely be in color.

This one I actually didn't color while I was on justin.tv but tossed some on later. I was only inking- which apparently was difficult to see with my cam.

FYI, if you want to watch me on the above link, be forwarned- my set up is GHETTO. I have it jerrigged so the camera can record my screen since I only do digital inking anymore.

I've got some suggestions as to programs to help me out...except I've got to figure out exactly what they do do. *coff* *is not very tech savvy*

This was for a quick gift giving at PE- like a surprise 'hey, have a sketch/drawing/etc' just for being you and being a part of the crew.

I drew Alienfirst and choose her President of the galaxy, Altra. Because I can never pass up a tail. And antenna. Love them too. ;D

I rather liked her hair/ the way I shaded her face but I still think it could've been better. I really picked up a few too many things to do this month- I guess I got over excited. XD

And lastly- my Round Exchange at PE. I drew Myre and choose her fantasy characters. I had serious issues with the background at first. It's still not as elaborate as I envisioned but it turned out quite a bit better than it was looking at that start.

That's it kiddies. Thanks for stopping by. ;)

13 March 2009

For the Birthday girl...

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It's not the same thing as having it done, but at least you can see I'm doing my best on it.

I suppose titling this 'not dead' is becoming a running theme....

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Hello again. Haven't had much to put up here. I feel funny posting up any WiP's I have for my PE exchangee's because the idea is generally for them to be surprised. And while I doubt that they watch this blog, I still prefer the excitement- plus, sometimes things change drastically depending on how much I'm hating a particular part of the picture. ;P

I also feel badly about putting up artwork of things when I know I have commissions/art trades waiting. As I only have one left, what the hell.

First off, a sketchy gift art for one of my buds of two characters from the "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" game series. Say hello to Maggey and Gumshoe. I rather like the pose and the fact I kept them mostly on model even without have an anime style.

Next are, as you're probably not surprised, more mafiya work. ;P

Top row: Kam and Carina. They're side characters to the 'main' mafiya group. Gianni's twin sister and Petya's best friend. Neither are really involved in the violent life so they get to be sweet at the beach. Or something. Next is for weeabo month at the mafiya club. Poor Serro gets trussed up like J!Pop character. He's not amused even if I am. Next two- the first is going to be a little newpaper clipping wedding announcement + note. And the last one is of Gianni and Daniil- the redheaded stepchildren of the mafiya. ;) Can't get that stupid hat right. I might have to ditch it since its supposed to be a stupid sketch.

These two are from webcomic dreams. Well, the first IS going to happen because its a collab with my girl, Uneide and already had a story ongoing. Lots of good fun there although this scene never technically happens, it was fun anyways (Lysander, Izzy and Adrian). The next image is from my own original comic idea that probably won't go anywhere. But I keep hoping. Lily and Salyir.

More Unavisi, not surprising either. First is an inprogress piece of Devil (my boy) meeting his life mate Velvet (Brie's) for the firs time. This is definitely in character for him.

Next is the younger generation of Guards (L to R): Clover, Goat and Curuba. Goat is the only one that is mine. I still have to fix his spear thingy whose name I've forgotten. Again.

And last but not least, Musk! As done by Kate N.Y. via a lineart commission. I'm in the process of coloring it, clearly. Haven't really done much with horn shadows even though I know I should. Oh well, I love the weight to his chin fuzz though.

And my last group, my poor, neglected Prodigals.

First up, an image of young!Zeke that makes him look entirely too girlie. Bleh. I think he needs sleeves or something, he's starting to look like a yaoiboy and not in a good way.

Next two are labeled from the date they were done on, and are just random doodles. I think Luce and I were annoyed at each other (hence the rude gesture) because he's changing his face on me again. And Lana's head is too big but that is totally her song. Since you probably can't read the lyrics I've scribbled, get thee to youtube!

And the last one is because I'm a romantic nerd. Bah.

So I think I've covered most of what I have been working on lately, cookies to you if you made it all the way through this post!

16 February 2009

Not Dead

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The first was one of those images that sort demanded itself worked on. I'm enjoying it so far. Clover, Goat and Curuba (left to right). The next image was inspired by another artist's idea/artwork. Basically making a mock CD cover for an OC soundtrack. Had a blast narrowing down songs for my girl.

Bed now kthxbai.

10 February 2009

Mafiya Drinking games

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There are in jokes about My Little Pony, Stallone nicknames and drinking far, far too much but I'm too tired to ramble. Here, have manbutt.

25 January 2009

One for the Road

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Wanted to do something kinda fashiony, kinda just pretty....and it isn't working. Bleh.

22 January 2009

Update time wench!

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Need to keep this updated more often regardless of who looks at it.

All of the above are commissions- the first is still in progress and is for an old D&D buddy. I have discovered that one of my 'sketching' brushes makes great 'beaten-up' metal texture. I think my cave is a little too 'magically delicious' but I didn't want it all grey and flat. I will be adding glowy mushrooms for light sources which amuses me. The next three are from my V-Day commission special (still ongoing!/end plug) and the last is a lineart commission in which I found that I enjoyed shading hair. I might have to concentrate a little more on my inking than what I normally do.

Mafiya stuff again. Left is a ref sheet which I don't think I will do again if I can help it- I hated it and I find them boring but it was to see if I could get the character into a club. On the right is for the tarot card deck. Despite the fact I did the flames behind him by hand it still looks like a crappy photomanip and it pisses me off. Grrr.

And lastly one I did just tonight- a sketch trade with feralgrinn. Her boy Angelo who I would molest given the opportunity. ;p

Night chickies.

19 January 2009

Have something

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Grab bag of stuffs.
Mafiya firstly:

Clearly it was naked week. Though there was a real reason I swear (at least for the first one).

Unavisi as usual:

I still like the design I made for Avo's coat.

And my ever neglected Prodigals:

I really need to relearn how to draw Luce's hair. Bah. His nose is off too.

I also updated my Paperdemon with the commissions I finished up in the last couple days.

05 January 2009

I hate clothes

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I hate drawing clothes. People should just be naked. It was be easier for me to draw them. Only a few today but I'm getting closer to be done with one of my big commissions.

Two finished pieces:

The one on the left was basically an excuse to practice drawing a man's back and work on the sunset. Kinda messy/sorta finished sketchy. The one on the right is clearly a char ref. I don't know much about the boy but I like him. I'd like to play with him at some point too.

And as usual, unavisi:

Left is Musk and Kauri, who belongs to Tephers. Their personalities are very similar and I can never pass up a rogue. On the right is one of my DOOM!commissions. I'm thisclose to being done with it...except for freaking Tam's clothes. I hate clothes. But I WILL conquer him and his bloody clothes. One way or another.

Nite lovies.