19 January 2009

Have something

Mood is.......: neurotic
Listening to..: "When We Dance" (Sting)
Watched Last: "Hellboy II: the Golden Army"

Grab bag of stuffs.
Mafiya firstly:

Clearly it was naked week. Though there was a real reason I swear (at least for the first one).

Unavisi as usual:

I still like the design I made for Avo's coat.

And my ever neglected Prodigals:

I really need to relearn how to draw Luce's hair. Bah. His nose is off too.

I also updated my Paperdemon with the commissions I finished up in the last couple days.


Victoria said...

Gorgeous face on the high priestess card! He looks great!

L. Mynatt said...

Thank you very much. He's a favorite of mine. :)

Ruth(ie) said...

They all look awesome of course. I'm definitely going to agree about Av's coat, it's super spiffy. :) Always great to look at your stuff hon. *love*