22 January 2009

Update time wench!

Mood is.......: busy and tired
Listening to..: "Heartbreaker" Pink
Need to keep this updated more often regardless of who looks at it.

All of the above are commissions- the first is still in progress and is for an old D&D buddy. I have discovered that one of my 'sketching' brushes makes great 'beaten-up' metal texture. I think my cave is a little too 'magically delicious' but I didn't want it all grey and flat. I will be adding glowy mushrooms for light sources which amuses me. The next three are from my V-Day commission special (still ongoing!/end plug) and the last is a lineart commission in which I found that I enjoyed shading hair. I might have to concentrate a little more on my inking than what I normally do.

Mafiya stuff again. Left is a ref sheet which I don't think I will do again if I can help it- I hated it and I find them boring but it was to see if I could get the character into a club. On the right is for the tarot card deck. Despite the fact I did the flames behind him by hand it still looks like a crappy photomanip and it pisses me off. Grrr.

And lastly one I did just tonight- a sketch trade with feralgrinn. Her boy Angelo who I would molest given the opportunity. ;p

Night chickies.

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