13 March 2009

I suppose titling this 'not dead' is becoming a running theme....

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Hello again. Haven't had much to put up here. I feel funny posting up any WiP's I have for my PE exchangee's because the idea is generally for them to be surprised. And while I doubt that they watch this blog, I still prefer the excitement- plus, sometimes things change drastically depending on how much I'm hating a particular part of the picture. ;P

I also feel badly about putting up artwork of things when I know I have commissions/art trades waiting. As I only have one left, what the hell.

First off, a sketchy gift art for one of my buds of two characters from the "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" game series. Say hello to Maggey and Gumshoe. I rather like the pose and the fact I kept them mostly on model even without have an anime style.

Next are, as you're probably not surprised, more mafiya work. ;P

Top row: Kam and Carina. They're side characters to the 'main' mafiya group. Gianni's twin sister and Petya's best friend. Neither are really involved in the violent life so they get to be sweet at the beach. Or something. Next is for weeabo month at the mafiya club. Poor Serro gets trussed up like J!Pop character. He's not amused even if I am. Next two- the first is going to be a little newpaper clipping wedding announcement + note. And the last one is of Gianni and Daniil- the redheaded stepchildren of the mafiya. ;) Can't get that stupid hat right. I might have to ditch it since its supposed to be a stupid sketch.

These two are from webcomic dreams. Well, the first IS going to happen because its a collab with my girl, Uneide and already had a story ongoing. Lots of good fun there although this scene never technically happens, it was fun anyways (Lysander, Izzy and Adrian). The next image is from my own original comic idea that probably won't go anywhere. But I keep hoping. Lily and Salyir.

More Unavisi, not surprising either. First is an inprogress piece of Devil (my boy) meeting his life mate Velvet (Brie's) for the firs time. This is definitely in character for him.

Next is the younger generation of Guards (L to R): Clover, Goat and Curuba. Goat is the only one that is mine. I still have to fix his spear thingy whose name I've forgotten. Again.

And last but not least, Musk! As done by Kate N.Y. via a lineart commission. I'm in the process of coloring it, clearly. Haven't really done much with horn shadows even though I know I should. Oh well, I love the weight to his chin fuzz though.

And my last group, my poor, neglected Prodigals.

First up, an image of young!Zeke that makes him look entirely too girlie. Bleh. I think he needs sleeves or something, he's starting to look like a yaoiboy and not in a good way.

Next two are labeled from the date they were done on, and are just random doodles. I think Luce and I were annoyed at each other (hence the rude gesture) because he's changing his face on me again. And Lana's head is too big but that is totally her song. Since you probably can't read the lyrics I've scribbled, get thee to youtube!

And the last one is because I'm a romantic nerd. Bah.

So I think I've covered most of what I have been working on lately, cookies to you if you made it all the way through this post!


Kate said...

Awww. Lily looks older than she used to, and Salyir more Asian than I remember. Still love 'em both.

L. Mynatt said...

Really? I think Lily looks younger. And Sal is a little more Asian and a little less Arabic. Cuz I have a tendency to fall back on that.

Kate said...

Well, not having a comparison at hand, there seems to be a confidence in her eyes that makes her seem a little more older and self assured. Something like that? I dunno, it's subtle.

And Sal looks about ready to be the King of Siam (which is, of course, a good thing). Just, you know, with hair. ;)


L. Mynatt said...

That could be. It could also be I've improved on expression/drawing in general since the last time I drew her. ;)

Mmmm, Yul Brynner...XD