19 March 2009

Few more

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Trying to get back into the swing of things and posting up sketches. I've been working a bit, here and there. This one I did tonight in a little bit over an hour. Actually I did it over here at Justin.tv. It's been fun watching other people doodle and stuff.

Gianni in a meme/expression sheet type thing. It was translated from...Chinese I think so it's as close as I could get. I think I did alright but I wish the original page had been larger. It's really hard to do detail with a 1 pixel brush.

Actually the next couple I worked on while people could watch me.

And this one you've seen before but hey, why not show it off too. More precise inking- though this isn't really inking but cleaning up rough sketches. I kinda like doing that sometimes. :3

Will definitely be in color.

This one I actually didn't color while I was on justin.tv but tossed some on later. I was only inking- which apparently was difficult to see with my cam.

FYI, if you want to watch me on the above link, be forwarned- my set up is GHETTO. I have it jerrigged so the camera can record my screen since I only do digital inking anymore.

I've got some suggestions as to programs to help me out...except I've got to figure out exactly what they do do. *coff* *is not very tech savvy*

This was for a quick gift giving at PE- like a surprise 'hey, have a sketch/drawing/etc' just for being you and being a part of the crew.

I drew Alienfirst and choose her President of the galaxy, Altra. Because I can never pass up a tail. And antenna. Love them too. ;D

I rather liked her hair/ the way I shaded her face but I still think it could've been better. I really picked up a few too many things to do this month- I guess I got over excited. XD

And lastly- my Round Exchange at PE. I drew Myre and choose her fantasy characters. I had serious issues with the background at first. It's still not as elaborate as I envisioned but it turned out quite a bit better than it was looking at that start.

That's it kiddies. Thanks for stopping by. ;)

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