26 October 2008

No braining tonight

Mood is.......: hot
Listening to..: commericals
Watching......: VH1 after hours videos
Yeah cuz I think it's leaking out of my ears. I can't even hardly half-ass a background. The only one that even works a little is the collab I did with Kate. That link leads to her lineart, which I had to attack upon first laying eyes upon it. Lovelovelove. That and Jorie rocks my socks.

Next up was just a random desire to ink an old sketch of my Una girl, Buck with her boy Col. I uploaded the sketch a while ago, so you can look for it if you're curious. Fear my gradient background skillz. Bah.

This is actually the first finished picture I've drawn of Buck.

And finally this may look finished but it's not. It's 90% there. I just really want a background. I just have no bloody CLUE what to put in it.
Also, Meg's hair is still pissing me off.

So that's it for tonight lovies. <3

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