05 November 2008

Ruthie Collabs

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Just a few tonight. Like I've said elsewhere, coloring helps me relax. These are sketches/inks done by my girl Ruthie. Most of the time of our characters as seen below.

2nd generation characters from a storyline that involved Ruthie's Felara race. I liked this one because I think I managed to pull off that 'watercolor' look I was going for. Or close to it at least. Funnily enough I envisioned it at night when I first saw the sketch. Ah well.
Next two are Skinwalker characters. First is an ADORABLE image of Dare (Darius) playing with Mikey. I lovelovelove the sketch and it screamed out that it needed color.

Next is of Ben and Nori. I had the worst time with the bedding so I kinda fudged it towards the end. This was started in my brief period of fascination with the 'white dot highlight' phase. It looks alright but it doesn't work with how I color. I do like that I used green for the base tone, I need to do that more often.

And lastly, a sketch I did of my last Selenthian. I don't have a name for him, all I know he's based on a bison. Frankly I wanted to draw horns and fun ears.

I've decided my female Selenthian is gonna have a passing resemblance to Rita Hayworth too.
Well that's all for tonight, thanks for stopping by. <3

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