06 November 2008

A couple commissions and curls, killer curls

Mood is.......: distracted
Watching......: channel surfing
First off. Another commission for Ruthie. I'm enjoying this set up although I need to figure out how to draw fish. >>

Next is K@'s killer commission. I think it'll be pretty awesome in the end but for right now I feel like I'm going crosseyed. Also, I hate Tam and his clothes. It was easier to draw him when he was only in pants. >P

I did a meme over on my LJ about my style and what I need to do more of. Both comments mentioned that I needed to work on different body types. Which I know. I don't think my characters look particularly long/lanky but other people do. And mostly I draw action oriented characters so there is a reason for it often. But I digress!
This is one of my non-action oriented girls, Izzy. Izzy whom I'm very fond of. Tried to make her look short and round. I hope it worked.

And finally, I am an art masochist. I spotted Prism-chan's Snow White and Rose Red lineart and decided I had to do it. One- it's so pretty and two, I've always been fond of said fairy tale. But then I realized that all that prettiness is because of lots and lots of detail. Including killer curls.

Obviously not finished but I'm stuck on getting colors for the last bits. I want Red to have warm tones at least.
That's all!


Kate said...

Fear the curls! They shall steal your soul and NEVER EVER EVER GIVE IT BACK. D: (I think I am an authority on this phenomena.)

L. Mynatt said...

You are definitely the authority. However I didn't draw them, I'm only coloring them, so perhaps I'm safe?