14 November 2008

My geeky roots are showing

Mood is.......: tired
Listening to..: the AC unit running outside
Watching......: Criminal Minds (or about to)
Dunno how I got onto this kick. Might've been the convo with Mel yesterday (I think?) about what's going on in the comic book world. Sufficed to say, I won't be picking up anything anytime soon if they keep doing stupid shit. Ah well, the kernel of the characters are good.

This one I've already shown off the sketch but I've been poking at it. I hate the pose I stuck GA in (the male) and now I've made him too skinny. Well I don't hate the pose so much as drawing it frustrates me.
But I do like their expressions. I'm not fully sold on Canary's 'Smallville' inspired hair. I like the way they rocked it in the stills but I haven't quite got it here.

Man oh man it's been a long time since I drew Rogue. And more over, I've never drawn her as well as I have here. When I was poking around looking at Canary drawings, I noticed a cheesecake theme. Which isn't surprising considering her outfit but not something I'm fond of considering her personality. What that has to do with Rogue...I'm not sure. Except her outfit kinda reminds me of this one of Rogue's above. It isn't the one I grew up on (that was the green and yellow + bomber jacket) but it's my favorite.

Also, check out that expression. Rogue should be impish and a little crazy/naughty. Not emo dammit (or at least not emo-overload jeez).
That's all tonight, back to packing.


undergrounduno said...

Dude I am LOVING the expression on Rogue's face there. Nicely done :D

L. Mynatt said...

Then you'll probably like the finished version. ;)