29 December 2008

Back and Ready for you

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Welcome to my little catch-all of the sketches I did during my exile.

First up- Ato and Pidge playing at Peter Pan and Wendy. She doesn't really make for such a great Wendy (she probably has more in common with Tiger Lily) but I was watching the most recent adaptation of "Peter Pan" and he reminded me quite a bit of Ato.

Older Pidge and Ato clearly. Nothing says homecoming like a fullbody hug, no?

Ato and Papi fighting. Which they do often but more so while Avo is away. Fear my wonky proportions.

Mul might be "Braid girl" in Ato's mind but she knows how to get him to behave via hard labor. I clearly have no idea how to forge a sword (or anything about blacksmithing) but to my defense I had absolutely no refs.

I like the idea of this one but I seriously need to fix that hand. Inspired by some story/Rp plot lines. Ato has bad, bad dreams.

Ato at various ages- top level is a young Guard. Bottom left is him still around that age, probably a little older but in something I was considering for his mating robes. A take on military uniforms. And the one on the right is him in his 30's or so.

Moving out of Una territory we have some humans. Left to right: Moira, Aidan, Garan and Elena. Aidan and Garan are half-brothers that get along like...well, junkyard dogs. Opposite sides of the law with very stubborn, macho personalities. Their ladies tolerate it only to a certain point thankfully.

Moira and Aidan again. Was thinking of it as around the time they were first partnered together. Moira is clearly uncertain of him but intrigued. ;D

Drawing a police uniform from memory ain't east. Nor are those little hats.

Pom and Adrik. Being lovely-dovey and shit. ;P

Sketch Exile Post 1 is finito! More tomorrow!

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