01 July 2008

Hello Again

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Well I moved which is what really took this blog out of commission for a while there. And then my art's been in crapper lately. It's true. I can't seem to wrap my brain around drawing again...although I *might* be getting my mojo back.

(Actually I HAVE to because it's the only $$ I'm making) But you're not here for the whining, you're here for the arts.

Finally finished this commission, of the City of Heroes characters. I rather enjoyed the set up but it took so damn long. I probably could've worked in more shadows and such but I needed to get it DONE and out. In the end, I don't think it suffers from it at least.

Second of my commissions that's had any real progress. It's looking...fairly good. I think the lighting will really make it stand out in the end. However....I am dreading, completely and utterly, the bookcase I decided to put in the background there. And it's not like I can change it to something else (that would look very odd with the pose and the ladder).

Not bad for not drawing anthros basically ever.

This is actually lineart by Silvercat, of our skinwalker characters, Darius and Shar. I like the cat-like shine I gave to his eyes there. :) Coloring her lineart relaxes me.

And lastly, Final Fantasy 12 fan characters. Yes, go ahead and laugh, I won't stop you but I'm past the point of caring. ;p The redhead on the left belongs to Blitterbug and the dark haired lady on the right is mine. At least Vix can keep her dignity by knowing that her OC isn't earmarked for an ingame character. ;p

But that's all I have at the moment. I signed up for an exchange in the Unavisi comm and I have bottle art I'm doing for Mythos Mixtures (although it's not 'due' soon thankfully).

Ciao lovies.

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