08 July 2008

Getting Back on the Horse Sounds Better than Getting Back on the Pen, which sounds vaguely dirty.

Mood is.......: lonely
Watching......: Mars Attacks!
Well it's been one of those days. Granted, it's at least been productive. Nothing like having nothing to do and nowhere to go to make you turn to art. Still coming out of my art rut slowly but surely. At least I accomplished some stuff.

This is the finished version of one of my commissions that I'm waiting to get the okay on (and the final payment). I'm fairly proud of it, I think I did a good job on the pose and the atmosphere if I do say so myself.

This is one I've shown earlier, of Cumber and Musk. Frankly, I hate the coloring and might ditch it altogether and start new again. Bleh.

This one is for Ruthie girl. Tis our vampire boys acting like the boys they are. From left to right:
Taliesin, Orion, Beowulf, Aramis, and Jason (and yes, there is a theme with their names if you caught that).

They're ridiculously fun to play off each other because they aren't perfect. They piss each other off, fight, have stupid arguments and purposely annoy one another. Y'know, like real guys do. I rather like Jason's pose (the one on the far right).

These next two are from my little mini crying jag this afternoon.

This is both me playing with Artrage's brushes and such and trying to get a little less structured. I don't know how well I did and I'm not sure I expressed what I was going for really but I like the colors. And I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone which is always good.

This is Tyger, one of my Unavisi. A really quick, quick portrait trying to use the style above with a little more precision. Not great but not the worst thing ever.

And lastly, my next commission. Butters and Ace, who are also Unas. Getting back into the swing of things there. I have an exchange for the group that I just got my person for and I'm very excited. I definitely have some ideas, I just have to refrain from going overboard.

Ciao lovies.

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