28 July 2008

Bleh x2

Mood is.......: frustrated

God I'm getting worse and worse. I can't handle sketch anything at all. These are the only sketches that worked out at all. It's so very frustrating.

Finally watched the rest of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Very good ending all around. Although I do find it weird and kinda squicky to watch a 12/13 make out.....

Prince Zuko. I like the perspective but his right arm bothers the hell out of me. I can't figure it a way to make it look more natural and less...weird looking.

And these two are OC's for the Avatar universe. I've played in it before, so they're probably the kids of a past RP. No names and probably never finished. And nowhere near interesting as far as composition or anything. I do way, way, way too many head on shots. It's pathetic.

This was playing around with Papi's dancer's outfit and inspired by a harem girl doll on DA. I couldn't include the headdress that really inspired me cuz it ended up just looking too girlie. Ah well. And oh, look, another head on shot. >P

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Ruth(ie) said...

Ummm yeah...a 12/13 kiss would squick me out too, even though I've seen them in real life. Gah! I love the sketches, but I love all your sketches. Sounds like you're having the problem I'm running into. I'm having the non-inspired cannot draw, frustrated, and generally cranky about it kind of thing going on. I hope it gets better lovey. <333