25 July 2008

Inspiration is a bitch...

Mood is.......: bleh
Listening to..: "You've Got a Lot to See" (Brain the Dog)
Watching......: "Family Guy" on Cartoon Network
....and so is my muse. >P

Thanks to my net being out for two days, I finally got one of my commissions done in a 'knuckle-down and do it' fashion. Overall, I think it came out rather well.

Then I went over to the Una community to find my exchange by Brie. And for a whole day I was taken by the Una madness again.

For those of you who have been watching my blog, you might recognize the image. I decided to ink and color the family picture from Avocado and Papi's childhood. I think I've gotten their parents' colors well. I dred coloring Mama's dress because she's a dancer and colorful and has lots of doodads. I hate doodads, I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to include them.

Well I've been in a funk most of the day and uninspired until my girl Uneide linked me over to a Ball Joint Doll 'photostory' contest. Now I don't own any BJD and I'm still not entirely sold on them (the fangirls are SCARY and there are no manly sculpts- or not manly enough for me). She suggested I give it a shot with her photos and I said, 'what the hell'.

Okay starter image:

When I see it, I get princess. And so I think, trapped princess:

Not great but not too bad for my first one. I'm not sold on the tear. I may remove it entirely in the end.

The next one was me playing with my 'heroes' and giving them a 'moment'. I think I did much better here- and had to do more editing and cropping. Still I like the effect. I took the sample's very comic book style paneling and ran with it. I like it better than most of the other 'photostories' that are put up at the BJD community.

And that's it for me. My muse is completely on strike. I will drag it back and beat it into submission come hell or high water.

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