14 June 2008

Time Management whut?

Mood is.......: worried
Listening to..: fishtank
Scent is......: chocolate
Watching......: fingers typing
Well I haven't been doing my commissions. I haven't wanted to do my commissions even though I really, really, REALLY need to finish them to take up more. I have tons of RL issues so what do I do?.......I doodle Russian mafiya porn and such.

When cranky I tend to want to draw either a) emo-shit or b) semi-porn. Hence the licking above. I wish you could see Vali's hickies but the textures covered them up.

Actual pronz this time. When I started drawing it I didn't really notice the um, sexuality of it (Honest!) It was only stepping back and looking at it that I noticed. Ah well. I really like it a lot although I'm going to hate myself over the background. I wish I could just....figure out a quicker way to do things.

This was a gag gift for a girl involved with the mafiya thing. Her boy is just ridiculously cute and a total horndog. Cracks me up all the time. Anyways, picture is sort of self-explanatory, I liked the sketch before I colored it though.

And this was a prompt at the comm to draw our boys as girls. Serro, as I suspected is still rather smoking in that clueless way of his. And Gianni....well yeah. Not happy with me.

Lastly, more Italians-in-a-Russian-universe. Exploring the family dynamics and faces of the Valentino kids. I think I did a decent job of making the three brothers look alike and Gianni and Carina (center) look alike, since they don't look like the rest of the family. I'll probably ink and color this......someday.

That's it for now.
Have another sketchie.

Ana on the left (from the boobie pic above) is actually 16. Gianni thinks Cari ought to be labeled off-limits as well.

Will not have regular access to the net for a few days nor my drawing stuff so....might be a while before I update again (for those of you who are even watching this).

Ciao lovies.


theorangefrappe said...

Bah! Getting between us and manporn. *weeps*

Hahaha anyways, I just love the way you draw people. So vague, I know. But all of your peoples convey such distinct attitudes. The way they look , stand, etc...you've got that down to a science. :)

L. Mynatt said...

Well to be honest, there wasn't much to see under it. ;P It's just in case of net nannies and such (although the uncovered boobies seem hypocritical but that's de rigeur of the net in general to allow femmes to be sexual and not men.

Thank you very much. I get what you're saying honestly. I do try my hardest to make my people distinct from one another (and I appreciate that you do too).

BTW, I hope you don't think its weird or inappropriate, but you are seriously hot in that profile pic of yours. :3