07 June 2008

Website designing is hard.

Mood is.......: distracted
Listening to..: "Take Me or Leave Me" (Rent OST)

Okay not that this is surprising but....I haven't been working on what I'm supposed to be. In fact I did attempt to start....but as with all things, I get distracted. I decided I needed to clean out my entire web domain that my friend so graciously is letting me play with. Yup, the entire thing.

Mostly it's just a fit of belated spring cleaning I guess. I just got rid of everything. I'm streamlining it and getting rid of the junk that no one gives a damn about. I've moved my character info over to LJ so I can just link there- less coding and fussing all around for me, which is perfect.

Once I got rid of everything I decided I'd 'sketch' a quick layout.

Very quick huh? Actually it didn't take too much time. The most time was spent trying to find a damn reference for the gas lamp/lantern. I still can't find anything good so I'll do what any artist would do in such a situation....I'll make shit up. Long as it looks good, no?

The sketch to the left is gonna have so awesome underlighting- at least that's the plan. I've never really done it before but I've always thought it was awesome.

The only thing is...I wish I could keep the font I have above but I don't know how to change the font on a webpage. I'm pretty sure it's possible.....I just don't have the technical know-how.

Don't have much else to say. I'll probably screw this up too.

Ciao lovies.

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Gaia Gandolfo said...

The layout looks great and original, Lee.
As for the font, you could use images instead of text - this is the only way (I think) you can keep the font and be 100% sure other people see it.