10 June 2008

Random grab bag.

Mood is.......: numb
Listening to..: fishtank filter
Scent is......: Zodiac Club
Watching......: The Nanny

Still not doing anything but crappy sketches. Real life sucks so I take it out on my characters.

The twins from one of my previous posts. I messed up on her a lot, she doesn't look a thing like the previous version and that irritates me. Gianni got his ass beat on by someone in his family and the only person he can turn to is his sister.

Characters for the letter game. Lena and Jason. Jason looks good but I can't seem to get the liveliness I imagine for Lena. Jason looks odd when he's not scowling (at least to me). His hand is crap and annoys me and Lena's too tall. But hey, it was a sketch that started off as just a random head so....whatever.

Vanya. A character from a girl I met through a Russian mafiya club I've gotten to be a part of (see the snugglers on the couch). Probably the nicest thing I've drawn in this whole batch. He's pretty but he can kick ass.

And a couple more characters from the Russian thing. Jasha and Drey. Rainbow gradients seem to be a good idea at 6 am.

That's all for now. Ciao lovies.

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