08 September 2008

Moving Right Along

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Finally finished one BIG commission for my girl. I don't like doing D&D commissions in general because they tend to be picky and have overly complicated armor/weapons but luckily that had none of that. It did have six characters and a background however. I think I'm putting a temporary halt on any commissions with more than three characters. I have two more with 6+ in the works already. Bleh.


During another conversation with Uno, we decided that Zeke (the one on the left) and her Diablo would totally chill and hang together. They're both musicians with laidback views on the world. A little bit older of a sketch but I found it today so I thought I'd upload it for kicks.

This was inspired by a picture on DA of a girl with a faux hawk. I know, I know, they're lame but I <3 them regardless. I like the way she styled hers and I wanted to try it on Dala since I love her hawk but I like to play with her hair.

Also used a ref of Nicole Kidman in this kinky bondage!lite leather outfit. Very sexy against her pale skin. I thought I'd flip the colors and do Dala in whites or creams. Actually I'm debating doing this in gray tones with maybe a pop or two or color. But then again I love the idea of Dala's skin tone too. I might try both at that. Assuming I have the time to get this to that stage ever.

Finished inking Lana. The bands on her sleeves are going to be semi-transparent as well but colored. When I figure out what color her outfit is then I'll add those. I do like her tongue and her 'make-up' under her eyes. I totally ripped that from the new Pussycat Dolls' video.

To me they tend to look.....um, sticky? and slutty (I know, duh) but I did like the swipes of color under the main girl's eyes. It would only look good/work on someone with darker skin but I think it was a cool way to do eyeshadow.

Got a fit of Star Wars nostalgia. Just playing around with a few ideas 'borrowed' from my first character's would be path in life/AU frame. Except I set it in Old Republic universe since I <3 the KOTOR games and miss playing them.

Missing two characters (the main two actually XD) because I haven't settled on designs. This'll look interesting colored since the guy on the far left is Zeltron (pink skin!) and the one on the far right is a Twi'lek (Koosha back to his roots ;D). I need to design some sexy markings for him. Hrmm, I'll have to poke at the SW Online trial for some ideas.

Commission for Turbo v. 2.1 at DA. He's a great guy and a really nice/laidback commissioner but I don't know if I'll upload this there when I finish with it. I don't mind the playfulness of the scene since it IS consensual and actually in the confines of a relationship.....but I know the kinds of people who see it as 'hawt lesbian bondage fetish pronz!' and I really don't want to give them more fodder, y'know? I am fond of their faces. Dammit. I'd like to show it off....

Bah. I'll decide later. Or maybe I'll just put it on here or my LJ. Probably my LJ since people actually check that...

Harvey Wallbanger. Yes like the drink. Cuz inside, I'm a giggly 13 y/o fangirl. Or something. I can't design clothes worth shit and from here on out I swear everyone is going to end up naked.

And on that note, good night lovies. <3

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