25 August 2008

Why can't I sketch more of what I'm supposed to?

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I think it's some cosmic joke of the muses that artists seem to always get inspiration on exactly what they AREN'T supposed to be working on. Although the muses occasionally get help.

First three here are the result of a conversation with Uno last night. Was a total blast.

Moondancer (hers) and Tae (mine). I haven't drawn Tae in months and months so I'm a tad rusty. Moondancer has a SAD past and Tae just can't help but want to hug the poor girl. MD is bemused I think.

Jynx (hers) and Lana (mine). Jynx is a total bastard and I love him for it. He and Lana would get along like cats and dogs (who'd end up having hot hate sex). I really need to show my love for other of her babies- I think I've drawn Jynx and MD more than any of the others.

Lana. Because when I started sketching the above, she was like 'Oh HELL no. I want art for ME.' Cuz she's cranky like that. Based off an image of Sarah Jessica Parker. She has a similar body type to what I want for Lana- not overly tall but thin. She has too much boobage for Lana though. Girl's a B on her best days. ;p

Serro and Vali. Big surprise. I need to fix Serro's hair but I like the position. One of the things I got from seeing "10,000 BC" was this greeting/good bye that the men did (pictured above). It just seemed like a nice thing for men to do other than the hand clasping.

For the group I'm a part of on Y! There's a contest going on to depict our boys in 'uniform' so they can win a chance to be promoted. Now Serro is already a Captain and Gianni isn't even technically in the mafiya....so there isn't a lot of reason for me to do it. Plus I had no ideas. So I resorted to lowbrow comedy - stick a man in a dress. ;p

Drawn for a girl on Y! Her snarky, amusing half-elf gnawing on his sort-of-lover-but-they-won't-admit-it-god-isn't-it-cute friend. Neither belong to me and I wish I'd done a bit better on the sketch. Ah well. Next time.

90's comic boys- ones that really haven't survived the transition to the new era. Left to right- Adam X (X-treme), Reno Bryce (Warblade) and Shatterstar. Two are Marvel boys and one belongs to Jim Lee. I'm sensing a theme in my crushes here....;p

I do hope to finish it someday.

Note to self: Need more stubble.

Hey look, an actual commission! I know. Shocking. For my girl Apis. Still chipping away slowly but surely.

For another girl at Y! who's having a bit of a bad time as of late. My boy Gianni hanging around with her flirt Petya. And drinking. Lots of drinking.

Still not liking this one. I don't know how to make the coloring less boring. I'd hate to have to start over completely but I just might. I do like Cumber's hair...but that's it.

And this last one is for a contest I'm hoping to enter on DA. It's for a steampunk jewelry designer. I <3 her designs a lot and since she uses keys, I wanted to do something with that. Now I only have to do 3 characters but somehow I ended up with 5. *coff*

Anyways, back to trying to get my head on commissions.

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