20 August 2008

Winding up and moving on

Mood is.......: productive
Listening to..: "Hey Big Spender" Peggy Lee
Watching......: the Golden Girls
Well today was a good day for arts. Actually today and really freaking early morning, which was kinda bad. Anyways. I've been getting to work on my commissions for Apis. I've got her Terina boy almost figured out-

She likes the blue jack but I'm not sure. I want him to look pulled together but not uniform-y. I'll fiddle with it more to figure it out. I'm afraid my steampunk isn't 'punk' enough. And my tail scales suck. >> But ah well, I do like Aiki's face here.

Apis' second commission and the big one. This is partly a portrait of her current D'n'D group and an anniversary present (no pressure right?). I'm hoping I have this going where she wants, the descripts of the chars were....sparse. The one on the far left only had a name (which is why he has the silly face atm). I think I like the bg. It was done in Artrage with the paintbrush tool primarily.

Gift/fanart for Grimmalkin. Her Palindrome boys, Bob and Obscenities. The reason why Bob is doing...that has to do with an answer to a meme. One of Bob's more feline traits: the enjoyment of butt-scritchies.

Something I did at the end of July for Apis. Just a really quick sketch of our boys, Keri and Boo. They're not this old yet (actually it'll be at least a century) but we have fun figuring out what they'll be like. Keri is such a little prima donna. ;P

I've gotten back into playing with an old group of X-Men evo Rper's and I got the urge to sketch Pyro. He doesn't look quite psychotic enough, I think his grin needs to be bigger. But not bad for now.
I've also finished the image of my vamp boys. Boy is that preview tiny. O_o Click it for the actual image. I did one more sketch today but that's totally NSFW so it won't be put up, sorry kids. ;)

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