12 September 2008

I Suck at Being a Girl

Mood is.......: tired
Listening to..: "So What" Pink
Watching......: videos on VH1
I do. I suck at drawing girlie things like dresses and stuff. I can do slinky (I like a dress with some slink to it) but I can't do poofy or flourfy. My brain just refuses to cooperate.

As you can see I tried and didn't quite make it. I want her to look steampunk and therefore Victorian but I don't really LIKE Victorian fashion. It's fussy. Alright, men's fashion is nice but the women with their bustles and their stupid poofs. Bah. I like Regency period better.

I like her shoes though.

The sketch really wasn't even supposed to be a dress sketch, it was supposed to be a 'before' and after pic for Vajra's facial scars. I might crop out the dress again. Depends on my mood when I open it back up again.

Also she'd normally have her hair up but I wanted to show how long it is too. I think that's it for me tonight.


Ruth(ie) said...

Honestly, I think the dress is gorgeous. But that's me. I do agree with you though that Regency fashion is better than Victorian. Really digging the scars. Oh, and if being a girl involves floofy poofy and frilly? Then I don't know how to be a girl either. XD

Gaia Gandolfo said...

The dress turned out amazing, I really love the style and how you devellopped it. Shoes rocks indeed.