28 May 2008

Creeping, crawling...who's even reading the titles of these posts?

Mood is.......: sleepy
Listening to..: friggin' fishtank that makes noise all the DAMN time
Scent is......: Blood Rose
Watching......: fingers typing
Sorta coming out of the art block. Still need to kick my butt into high gear via commissions but at least I'm doing something. I don't really want to use this blog to expound on my personal life (especially since I can't lock it like LJ) but real life stresses really do affect creativity. Bah. Enough of that.

This is funny to me. I took a fairly bland reference of one character...and turned it into a bland reference of two brothers. Go me? Whatever. I do like the fact that they look similar enough to be related without looking like twins. Devil on the left and Numbat on the right. I totally copped out on the background but what the hell I don't do it often.

Sketch of Orsa (from the previous post) but as a young warrior woman. Thighs of doom are genetic and she can't escape them. (You can tell it's late and I really don't have much to say about these pics, can't you?)

Lastly this is one I have been working on and off all day. I'm liking the mood but the colors are off still. I can't get it as sharp as I'd like it to be. Texture ftw though. And yes, they are two guys, wanna fight about it? (Okay, we know it's time for bed when Lee starts making Family Guy references and talks about herself in third person).

Ciao whomever is actually paying attention to this or me anymore.


Roxxy-Chan said...

I am! lol

These pics are totally mind blowing and yay for big girls! Orsa is just a stunning beautiful una.

And the lounge picture! OMGS I hate you XD *hug* the pose and the detail *flail* empressive work hon!

(and i wonna steal devil away ._. *nomnomnomnom*)

L. Mynatt said...

Thanks honey, I appreciate that you are. *snugs*

And be careful with Devil...he might just burn ya. ;p

Roxxy-Chan said...

since when is burnning bad puurrr XD