23 May 2008


I have somehow killed my tablet. Well not the tablet but lost the correct settings. (Hell for a time there, my comp couldn't even find the bloody wacom folder/items in said folder). Right now I'm trying to download new drivers but I don't really know if I'm accomplishing anything.


Aaaaand just as I post that I fixed it. I guess. God, I'm a twit sometimes.

Edit, Part Deux:

This is really what I wanted to post up here. A friend of mine and I have been toying with the thought of playing 'the letter game' via email sometime in the future. Which of course, has me bubbling with thoughts and possibilities. Above is my main character Helena (aka Lena) and one of her antagonists Jason. I've discovered I'm quite fond of Regency era men's jackets although by no means am I particularly adept at design/drawing period clothes.

So now I can work in peace that I've got that out of my system. And eat. Food would be good right about now.

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