29 May 2008

Just One

Mood is.......: pleased
Listening to..: fishtank (grrrr)
Scent is......: Grog

Like it says, just one tonight. Was inspired by a random comment by Vix about her Unavisi boy Glyph who suffers basically from schizoid personality disorder and for him my girl could be something of a 'guilty pleasure' and a deep affliction. While Stang isn't quite as innocent as she seems, or as people think she is, she's still basically a hugely loving and affectionate young woman. Which doesn't translate well in poor Glyph's brain. So yeah, sketchy time. I like his facial features but I'm not sure if I conveyed the conflicting emotions in him well. Hmmm.

Bah, bed now. O__<


Roxxy-Chan said...

This seriously made me go squee XD

Poor confused Glyph. Vix and I joked that Devi would let him hide in a barrel out back if he asked to hide there from a mob of girls wanting his sexy arse XD

Of course Devi 'loving' Glyph so much might be tempted to also nail the lid on the barrel after Glyph hopped in XD

L. Mynatt said...

Oooh boy. XD Devi and Glyph must be a pair....