16 May 2008

Learning Curves

Now that You're Clean...
by ~pariahsdream on deviantART

Finished version of one of the sketches in my previous post. It still amuses me how art ends up with a life of its own. Take for example, this one was meant to have a cooler tone over all and look like they were in the middle of a hallway with metal walls. Now it's dirty and dank and rocky. Not bad...just different. I'm pleased with it (at least, at the moment ;p).


And this is me screwing around with Artrage and Artweaver. Artrage for the pencils and 'weaver for the colors. The top sketch of Dala and Devil almost kissing is done with the crayon tool which made me want to buy real crayons and a coloring book. >> Nothing is quite so therapeutic as coloring in a coloring book.

The second sketch is Devil, Dala and a small, worried looking Gueira. I've been percolating on such scenarios for a little while now but regardless I think I like the clean lines better. The coloring on this one was done with the oil pastels tool and I need to remember that in 'traditional' media to lay down the lightest colors first.

But for now, back to the commission wheel.

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