11 May 2008


Trying out an art blog. I don't know how well this will go but can't hurt to try.

Speaking of which, I've recently downloaded Artrage2 and Artweaver both. So far I'm intrigued. Artrage has a pencil tool that really does seem to mimic pencil lines quite well (there's an example at the end of this post). Artweaver has more functionality and I think I will use to try different sorts of colors. Its pencil tool isn't nearly as realistic but at least it has layers. Both are free to use, although Artrage has limited tools unless you pay for the free version (which is only $25). When I have the money I might consider actually purchasing Artrage.

It's format/design is too kitschy/fugly for my tastes but I can work around it. I prefer my canvas to be functional not 'pretty'. Artweaver on the other hand could use some polishing but I don't mind it looking a bit barebones- it's freeware.

Speaking of art programs, I am/was attempting to Tegaki E with mixed results. It's frustrating on a few levels- no layers, the pen tool isn't sensitive and the canvas is tiny (of course I was using my laptop too so that could've been part of the problem there). Still it's always good to stretch oneself and attempt things you aren't comfortable with.

But yes, I'm sure you're wondering, 'okay, art blog, so where's the art already?'

Coming up!

Tegaki E Stuff:
(Random hot dude who I accidentally named Asuba. Don't ask me. I do like the purple lighting)

(Elena a la Prodigals/'Normal' verse, she's got an Audrey Hepburn sort of vibe...or she's supposed to)

(Phoenix of the X-Men/Excalibur fame- Rachel Summers version, my preferred one)

And the sketch I did in Artrage. With a little PS blurry/copyright:

I have more Tegaki but those are the ones I don't mind so much. Don't know how often I'll be updating but hopefully I won't neglect this.

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