24 May 2008

Grumble, mumble, grunt.

Being moody isn't fun. I can't concentrate on a single art piece when I am so I flit from art to art, trying to keep my head in the game.

You guys probably recognize this one since I just put it up a couple days ago. It's bad but once I stay getting going on a piece, I'm reluctant to put it away. So I fiddle. And I poke. And then I go, "well I'll just add a couple textures..." and next thing you know, it's 5 a.m. and you're listening to birds outside your window.

And this one is an older piece that I put away not too long ago. I thought I'd put it up online but I suppose I didn't. Anyways. It's supposed to represent both Yaba and Orsa's relationship (male and female respectively) and imperfect beauty.

I had trouble with that angle to his face until I picked it up again today. By no means is it perfect but it's a ton better than the original sketch. Unfortunately Yaba looks quite a bit younger than Orsa but we'll just go with the explanation that she's 'well traveled'. I do like the lighting but it needs a bit more fiddling. I'm also considering adding random shiny dust motes.....once I figure out how to in any case....

And lastly. Lineart by Sketchastrophe. I love her style but it lightyears different from mine. So when I saw how cute and young Av and Mul looked I decided to go super-manga girlie on the colors. And oddly enough, I do like it. It's not something I'd do a lot, mind you, but the warm tones are appealing.

Ugh, I have to sleep at some point so I can get up and watch Indiana Jones with the roomie.

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Apis said...


No, you hadnt' shown me! I LOVE the concentration on Yaba's face -- has to be hard, now that she finally agreed to pose. And Orsa - see, those are proper curves. ^__________^
I luff!

Other ones are smexy too.. hehe I rather dig your manga-ish coloring. :)