17 May 2008

Sleep is for the WEAK

I'm having the damnedest time typing today. It's only getting worse as the night wears on (typing coherently is fun when you pass 4 am...). Anyways!

I figure I might as well post up my WiPs here too since this is my art blog. I figured out the owl pretty well for this one, although you can't see it thanks to the blocking in of the colors and such. Normally I like to clean up my WiP's a bit more before I show them...but I just don't care. I need sleep and I don't wanna go around nitpicking atm.

Basch. From Final Fantasy 12 (I'm not going to try to work out the Roman numerals, with the way my head is working now, I'd end up with FF 42 or something). Regardless. Best. Male. Character. Fangirls can have their Squalls and their Sephiroths (sp?), I'll take me a Basch please. Or two. Balthier is charming but there's something about a rugged man (especially rugged blond men) that makes me purr.

And it's not his physical appearance only (seriously! ;P) I enjoy his character too. Which I tried to bring into the drawing....by making him look old and tired. >>

I've even considered making a Mary Sue for the boy. :3 It's silly and I haven't made one in years but mmmmm.....anyways. Must actually finish playing said game and stop drooling at my party.

But bed now, Prince Caspian later today!

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