22 May 2008

Backgrounds KILL me

I swear, I think I'm not going to even allow backgrounds to be an option next time I raise my commission prices. Bleh. I mean, they really complete an image but damn, I either score with them or crash and burn.

Take for example these next two images.

This is one of my commissions. I really am not thrilled with the background but what else can I do? I don't really have the time to start from scratch. And I'm still not sure that my figures are in proportion to the rest. I'm also pretty sure my angles are off. Do you know how hard it is to find a 'Dummy's version' of perspective and such? Sure, make sure they hit the horizon line at some point but what if you can't figure out where that is, hmm?

Ah well, I'll slog through and make the image more cohesive at the end. I just....need to take a breather.

Which is how this image got going. I swear I didn't mean to work so much on it but it was just...going really, really well. Cumber and Musk. Cumber is very fond of Musk with short hair. *snerk* Originally they were to be naked but......not quite comfortable with that yet. Besides, I think Cumber all mussy like this is sexier somehow.

The background on this isn't looking too shabby either. We'll decide if we still like it later however.

Ciao lovies!

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