25 May 2008

Fits of Inspiration

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FF12 opening credits

It is decidedly odd that my two current comforts/interests are the Regency period (with a fondness towards and interest in Austen films) and Final Fantasy 12. Neither of which has anything to do with the other. Although politic intrigue might've been quite interesting in Austin's hands.

More from the proposed letter game. Minor yet important characters. I might even make my 'speaker' an artist just to use some of these sketches I've done. It would be a waste not to and makes more sense than having someone writing a letter going off on a tangent about '....his nose while proud is a tad crooked and pointed' and 'his eyes flash in defiance of not only what was being said but the world in general' (purple prose anyone?).

The female is a tad too 'pretty' and not quite intelligent looking enough for what I've had in mind for her character. I am pleased with 'Nathaniel' however. He is quite the Byronic hero if I do say so.


Kate said...

Hey hon! This is me catching up on everyone's blogs. :)

Nathaniel is downright fierce! I would be afraid to meet a face like that.... Love it.


L. Mynatt said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! :)

I'm considering inking and coloring him in. Or at least playing with tones because I like his expression so much.

But yes, he will be an adversary of Lena's. ;)